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 What are our clients saying?

I have worked with Integral for several years with many different accounts.  Their IME service is outstanding, and I have no complaints about their service.    They always go that extra step like letting me know when a re-exam is needed on a claim, as we claims adjusters sometimes forget to schedule timely.  I feel that there is a lot less to worry about when Integral schedules my IME’s.”

Integral values their clients and it shows with their customer service-excellent.  There are very few problems and delays are rare in scheduling the IME's and obtaining the results.  There is always an available person to speak with if a problem should arise, with prompt attention and resolution.”

"Integral has consistently provided professional, fairly balanced and accurate independent medical exam products for years since I've been with my company.  Always consistent, educational and extremely knowledgeable.  I know I can always trust Integral for my IME needs." 

Integral has made my life as an adjuster easy.  They are always a phone call or email away and when messages or emails are sent I always receive an answer same day or next day.  The fact that they even email me to remind me an IME may be needed based on a prior exam is a help.  It is the best example of how they do the little things other companies do not do.”

Integral has raised the bar for IME vendors in our office”

Integral is two notches above all the other IME vendors…”


Why Integral?

Integral provides a range of services that is unsurpassed in the industry, but the real difference is in the way the services are delivered, with personal attention and devotion to quality.

Integral has raised the
bar for IME vendors in
our office 

—Regional Claims Manager

Workers Compensation.

Integral specializes in New York State Workers Compensation cases and we have automated and refined our procedures to ensure compliance with section 137.

Integral consistently goes beyond what has come to be expected from an IME company by focusing on detail and the needs of each case on an individual basis.