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As a specialized service-oriented organization, we are equipped to work closely with our clients to develop a customized program that best suits their needs.

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Integral provides a variety of services which is unsurpassed in the industry, tailored specifically to the needs of different types of claims, claims offices, and claims representatives:

All Cases:
  • Picking up and copying medical records from the claims office.
  • Arranging of transportation for claimants to and from exams, upon request.
  • Arranging of interpreting services, upon request.
  • Rush appointments when needed.
  • Scheduling with specific consulting physicians at request of adjuster, even if the physician does not appear on the regular panel.
  • Radiology and neuroradiology independent reviews.
  • Record reviews.
  • Testimony scheduling.


  • Scheduling of appointments 10-14 days from the date of request.
  • Scheduling with multiple specialties in one location simultaneously.
  • Scheduling with multi-specialty physicians to reduce overall expense.
  • Same day notification of Double No-Shows.
  • Peer Reviews.
  • NF-10 preparation.
  • Re-Examination reminders.
General Liability:
  • Contact plaintiff attorney prior to scheduling.
  • Upon request, copies of correspondence and IME report to defense attorney.
  • Obtaining authorizations from plaintiff attorneys, and records and diagnostic studies from treating facilities.
  • Diary referrals ahead for examinations to take place after EBT’s are held when requested, with follow up to confirm that they have been held.
New York State Workers Compensation:
  • Discounted Schedule Loss of Use examinations.
  • Training of doctors on all Workers’ Comp issues, such as SLU and M&S.
  • Updated WCB Medical Guidelines to doctors.
  • Re-Examination reminders.

In March 2001, WCL Section 137 regulations were put into effect by the New York State Workers Compensation Board. Integral Consulting Services is authorized by the Board to conduct Independent Medical Evaluations under authorization # 010007. Even these years later, some independent medical examination vendors struggle to be in compliance with these regulations. A precluded report is a tremendous waste of time and money for the carrier.

Integral specializes in New York State Workers Compensation cases and we have automated and refined our procedures to ensure compliance. We stake our reputation every day with every examination.

Integral operates in compliance with all pertinent regulations, including:

  • Verifying that all consultants are authorized by the WCB to perform Independent Medical Examinations. Utilizing WCB form IME-5 to notify claimants of exams, allowing for the appropriate advance notification.
  • Utilizing WCB form IME-4 for all reports, which are sent out simultaneously to the carrier, the WCB, the claimant, his/her legal representative and the treating physician, and include Integral’s and the consultant’s authorization numbers.
  • Utilizing WCB form IME-3 for all addenda, which are also sent out simultaneously to all appropriate parties. Each distributed addendum also includes the information submitted for the request.
  • Checking and double checking all case information to ensure that distributed documents are properly received and filed.
  • Mailing reports in a timely manner to ensure that they are received by the WCB within ten business days or less to avoid preclusion.
We continue to monitor and communicate with the WCB to make sure we are aware of any changes to the regulations to ensure that our clients and Integral are up to date and in compliance.


Why Integral?

Integral provides a range of services that is unsurpassed in the industry, but the real difference is in the way the services are delivered, with personal attention and devotion to quality.

Integral has raised the
bar for IME vendors in
our office 

—Regional Claims Manager

Workers Compensation.

Integral specializes in New York State Workers Compensation cases and we have automated and refined our procedures to ensure compliance section 137.

Integral consistently goes beyond what has come to be expected from an IME company by focusing on detail and the needs of each case on an individual basis.